This creative group is open to anyone who is interested in film, photography and writing and meets once a month to develop multimedia skills and creative ideas.

The group is run by Volunteers with support from mentors, equipment and project development supported by TYTO. Meetings are the first Saturday of the month at Double Daw Creative Studio.

If you would like to become a part of the Digital Storytelling Group and/or participate in any of the projects listed below please complete the enquiry form below.

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Current  Digital Storytelling Projects

Project One

Project Working Title: Hinchinbrook Children’s Stories

Key Facilitator: Fiona Robinson

Brief Concept: To create a series of children’s books focusing on the Hinchinbrook Region. Project is designed to market the flora and fauna of our beautiful region and enhance tourism through the use of this medium. The collaborative brainstorming session in October was a great success! Members came up with ideas for titles, series’, themes, and most importantly as well as the most fun – the characters. For instance – Captain Curtis the Curlew whose job is to keep children at home during the evening. He wanders the town in his army boots, looking for anyone stepping out of line. And Ned the Toothless Crocodile who has an inferiority complex due to his lack of terrorising teeth. If only he could be more like Chomper, his ferocious bling-covered best mate. And there are lots more, so please let us know if you are interested in taking part in any further discussions or if you’re just interested in learning more.

Project Two

Project Working Title: Exotic Fruits

Key Facilitator: Alan Zavodny

Brief Concept: To tell the story of the exotic fruits of the region of special interest to the tourism market or those new to the region. These can be photographed, storied and possibly sold to tourists via the TYTO Information and Wetland Centre or other outlets.

Project Three

Project Working Title: A New Life in Forrest Drive

Key Facilitator: Fiona Robinson and Barbara Horsley

Brief Concept: To tell the story of all of the residents from Forrest Drive in Forrest Beach. This could be used for economic development to sell the region to others as an idyllic lifestyle pursuit.

This could also lead into others doing a ‘My Job’ biopic and telling their story through their origin and then their role in the community.