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David Rowe PhotoI love oil painting and the activity that surrounds it.  To get the work done without theorizing or explaining is very important to me.  It is the only activity that shuts out 100% of the negativity in life.  To the masses the idea of oil painting may not seem that important (especially with all the new technology) … to the artist it is life itself especially as one gets older.

My family and I regularly attend the Uniting Church in Ingham and enjoy the Loving Fellowship of a wonderful group of people there.  However, we live in a fallen world which makes us susceptible to the negativity in life.  This juxtaposed against the volatility of creating art versing life make a perfect platform to paint surreal paintings.  Whatever the subject matter: landscape; still life; portraiture etc., I believe painting is an honorable path through life.

Since 1978, David has produced a vast quantity of work consisting of oil on canvas, and oil on paper, as well as pencil drawings.

David completed his education in Ingham and auditioned for and was accepted into Seven Hills College of Art, the Premier Art College of Queensland.  He did not complete the 3 year course due to a severe illness.

Since 1978 David has produced a vast quantity of work consisting of oil on canvas, and oil on paper, as well as pencil drawings.  His works include – domestic and religious abstracts; portraits; landscapes; surreal fantasies; and conceptual nature studies.  David also enjoys commissioned works which have included over a dozen large murals for several organizations.  Experimenting with new ideas is a stimulating pastime which he finds beneficial and fulfilling.  Within his region, David has been fortunate to find a successful market for his paintings, which range in price from $300 to $5,000.

In the past, David attended MacGregor Summer School of Art at the University of Southern Queensland, as well as many Australian Flying Art School Workshops.   During 1989, David travelled extensively through Europe to further his art education and appreciation.

In August 1991, David spent a successful month in residence using a studio at the McWhirter Art Centre in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, under the auspices of Artworkers Alliance Inc.  David was also successful in July 1993 in exhibition at the McWhirter Art Centre, again under the auspices of Artworkers Alliance Inc.

David’s work is currently hanging in the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Townsville, as well as in private collections throughout Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. David has had many exhibitions and won many awards since 1986.

To purchase this artisan’s work visit the Regional Art Gallery Gift Shoppe.

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