Regional Arts Development Fund

RADF is the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)  a partnership with Arts Queensland and the Hinchinbrook Shire Council to support quality arts and cultural experiences across regional Queensland.

Council’s deliver locally tailored RADF programs based on the identified priorities, opportunities and capacities of their local communities. This means that RADF may look different depending on location so as to best respond to the ways of working and aspirations of local communities.

From 2015-16 the RADF objectives are to:

  • support local artists and arts and cultural activity to deliver value for local communities.
  • provide opportunities for local communities to participate in arts and cultural activities.
  • invest in locally-determined priorities delivered through arts and cultural activity.
  • contribute towards current government priorities.

All Councils and RADF funded projects are required to report on their contribution toward RADF Key Performance Outcomes (KPOs).


  • RADF invests in a diversity of local arts and cultural projects
  • RADF engages local communities in arts and cultural activities
  • RADF supports local employment and strengthening of local arts sector


  • RADF supports quality arts and cultural initiatives based on local priorities
  • Local communities value RADF


  • Local people are engaged in decision making on RADF
  • RADF supports engagement with new and diverse artists, audiences and communities
  • RADF contributes to: diversity and inclusive communities; growing strong regions; and providing training, education and employment


  • Local communities and partners are satisfied with the management of RADF at a local level
  • RADF builds strong partnerships between arts and non-arts sectors
  • RADF leverages additional investment
  • RADF funding is used effectively and appropriately

Please review the following information and download the application form.

The next round of applications will be announced via facebook so like visitTYTO to stay in touch.

Download the RADF application form alongside accompanying forms to assist with the compilation of  your application :

For further information please contact:

Noel Mason
RADF Liaison Officer via Regional Art Gallery
Phone: 07 4776 4613
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Past RADF recipients and their works