The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of the collective tapestry, including over 23 nationalities that have shaped Hinchinbrook are kept alive at TYTO. From tours that tell the tales of toil on the great cane farms established by migrants, to a mini museum honouring our forefathers who contributed to today’s freedoms.

From genealogical facilities that keep the connection alive for future generations, to a myriad of events that celebrate every facet of our lifestyle. Capture a snapshot of culture at TYTO today.


More Information about the TYTO Heritage is coming soon!


Stories of conflict and compassion lauded and celebrated; captured and held in our hearts, in memory of our heroes. The mini museum began as a major initiative put forward by former Librarian, Barbara De Bono, to make the collection more accessible to visitors to the region. Historical talks and morning teas arranged with prior notice. Please contact 4776 4614.


TYTO offers a number of tours throughout the year operated alongside an extensive event programme. All tours can be adapted to suit larger touring groups and we are happy to arrange bespoke tours, inclusive of food and beverage options, to cater to special interest, social and educational groups.

TYTO Wetlands – Walking Tour

Tuesdays & Saturdays from 9.00am

Sugar Tracks – Walking Tour

Tuesdays & Saturdays from 10.00am

TYTO Regional Art Gallery Tour

Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00am – 4.00pm